Technology Why Resec

Military Grade Security.
Enterprise Usability.

Resec is the only gateway solution offering airtight security, while maintaining maximum flexibility and usability.

Zero Breaches, Zero Hassles

Resec's platform is designed for security leaders striving to achieve the highest level of security for their organizations,
without hampering business flows and processes.

Zero Trust Prevention

You are fully protected with Resec. We guarantee peace of mind so that you can spend your energy and resources elsewhere.

Business as Usual

No business interruptions. Resec delivers perfect files at enterprise scale and without unnecessary latency.

Less Risk, More ROI

Resec easily integrates into existing architecture. We enable less restrictions, demand less attention, and reduce risk and investment.

Core Benefits

Ultimate Security

Protection from known and unknown threats. No false negatives

Secure Common File Types

Hundreds of file types supported, including Microsoft's Office suite, PDFs, and many more

Superb Document Fidelity

Threat-free replicas consistently maintain native format and all permitted functionality

Scalable and Robust

Manage extreme traffic with no single point of failure and the ability to withstand severe hardware failures

Real-time Processing

Most files are processed in seconds, all files are processed faster than comparable alternatives

Secure Large Files

Processing extra-large files, including unique archives

Secure Digitally Signed Documents

Workflows for processing digitally signed documents while retaining the original signature

Secure Encrypted Files

Process single and multi-layered encrypted files safely

Flexible Policy Settings

Granular control which complies with business and security requirements


Seamless fit to most architectures, with integrations to best of breed security solutions

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Why Customers Choose Resec

End Ransomware Today.

Contact us now and learn how Resec’s Zero Trust prevention solution can help secure your organization